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SoniTalk - the first privacy oriented, open source ultrasonic communication protocol

The aim of SoniTalk is to develop an open protocol for ultrasonic device communication that fully preserves the privacy of the user. Ultrasonic device communications use the microphone and the loudspeaker e.g. of a smartphone to transmit data over the air. Usually very high frequencies (above human hearing range) are used as carrier frequencies. To date there are only chargeable & proprietary solutions on the market which partly raise questions about the privacy protection. An open and transparent protocol is still missing. Furthermore existing solutions are not compatible and interfere with each other. SoniTalk aims at the development of an open and transparent protocol for ultrasonic communication between devices such as smartphones, TVs, and IoT devices. It gives the user full control over her privacy. Thereby, SoniTalk establishes the foundation for innovative applications and services, such as secure authentication, mobile payments, smart home control, mobile money transfer, second screen services, location- and proximity-based services, near-field peer-to-peer communication, and ad-hoc mesh networking. SoniTalk has the potential to become an open standard in ultrasonic communication that provides full protection of privacy and that enables many novel use cases.


Matthias Zeppelzauer

Project Lead
Matthias Zeppelzauer is a Senior Researcher with the Media Computing Group at University of Applied Sciences, St. Pölten. He has more than 10 years of research experience in audio processing, pattern recognition and machine learning.

Alexis Ringot

Alexis Ringot is a Junior Researcher at the Media Computing Research Group of St. Poelten University of Applied Sciences (Austria). He graduated from Polytech Lyon engineering school (France) with a Master of Science in Computer Science in 2015.

Florian Taurer

Florian Taurer started working as a student researcher in February 2017 for the Media Computing Group, Institute of CreativeMedia/Technologies at the FH St.Pölten, University of Applied Sciences.

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