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Towards a first open standard for data-over-sound

During this past year we have done extensive research and development on ultrasonic communication. One of the main outcome is the proposal of a new protocol for communication via sound (and in particular via near-ultrasound) that is simple enough to be implemented on devices with limited computational resources, such as Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. We submitted Read more about Towards a first open standard for data-over-sound[…]

Error - The Art of Imperfection

[Teaser] SoniTalk will be present at Ars Electronica Festival !

SoniTalk will be present at Ars Electronica Festival, in Linz, from September 6th to 10th. Thanks a lot to netidee for giving us the chance to present our project at such a prestigious event ! We are already quite excited about meeting other artists, engineers, and researchers, as well as you all, the visitors, to Read more about [Teaser] SoniTalk will be present at Ars Electronica Festival ![…]

SoniTalk protocol specification’s first draft is online !

Hi everyone ! The team has been working hard these past months, reading, experimenting, trying out different ways to modulate signals, so please have a look at : the first draft of our protocol specification. We are now working on the prototypes to encode and decode ultrasonic messages. More to come soon. Stay posted !

Lange Nacht der Forschung

On April 13th, we presented SoniTalk and SoniControl at the Lange Nacht der Forschung. A great opportunity to raise awareness about ultrasonic communication, directly talking to the public ! Photo copyright: Tobias Sautner

SoniTalk Workshop

The whole team gathered end of February for a workshop on SoniTalk system design. We searched for related work and existing implementations of ultrasound-based libraries which could be a base for our project. We found many interesting open source projects and will now have an in-depth look into them before designing our protocol specification. You Read more about SoniTalk Workshop[…]

SoniTalk is online !

We are proud to announce that SoniTalk now has its own website ! Welcome ! We hope you will enjoy learning about ultrasonic communication and how we can base applications on it while preserving the user’s privacy. More to come soon !